Kristy Vision Photography | About

My name is Kristy Harold. I have always had a big passion for Photography and not until September 2009 I fully embraced it as an adoring hobby. Photography has been a major part of my life for the past couple years and though my mind may have wondered towards the greatness that can be captured by a lens, I was not fully hooked until I realized that my photos meant more than just a picture to the average eye. Being a lover of beauty, it astounds me that such splendor can be preserved within a photograph. 

Implementing my knowledge of photography as well as the love I feel for the grandeur that surrounds us all helps me create pictures that reach out to the heart and soul of the viewer. I feel empowered when I can instill in a photograph all that I felt or observed in that single moment. Allowing others to dream or live in the emotions my photographs speak of is a bonus for me.

My goal in Photography is not just to produce beautiful works of art but more so to capture the beauty that is life and the emotions we all endure as we travel along its path. 

I sincerely hope you have enjoyed the photos previewed and look forward to assisting you to capture your own works of art.